CB Radio

Additional Information

This Section contains Information on Common Name, Model Number and F.C.C Data for CB Radios

Sometimes Common CB Radio names in relation to Model Numbers and/or FCC Data,
Can Be Confusing as there is not always a set pattern to the order in which they are allocated
This Section Hopefully will make sense out of some the confusion and I hope that it makes
things a little bit easier to understand

Selections Available At Present:

SEARS   (Sears Roebuck & Co.)      

Selection Below Not Available At Present:

RADIO SHACK   (Tandy Corporation.)      
REALISTIC   (Tandy Corporation.)      
SHARP   (Sharp Electronic Corporation.)      
TEABERRY   (Teaberry Electronic Corporation.)      
UNIDEN   (Uniden Corporation of America.)      

Note: This list is by far incomplete and any help is gratefull appreciated.