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Type: Digital to Analogue Conversion Unit
Receive modes: APCO Project 25 digital voice signal
(Non encrypted signal only)
Analogue Narrow FM signal
Off frequency adjustment: Automatic (AFC)
Signal modulation: +/-20% from the specifications (Automatic adjustment)
Squelch: Level squelch (Analogue mode)
adjustable squelch level
Power requirement: 11V DC - 16V DC, 140 mA (at 12 V DC) typical
Serial port: 7RS-232C 9600bps Asynchronous
8 bit, Non parity, 1 stop bit
Speaker input connector: 3.5 mm mono
External Speaker output: 3.5 mm mono (signal output is mono)
Headphone jack: 3.5 mm stereo type (signal output is mono)
Weight: Approximately 580 g (1.3lb)
Dimensions (W*H*D): 156(D) x 100(W) x 32(H) mm
Other: Three modes are supported:
1. APCO25 conventional analogue demodulation, no trunking
2. ASTRO25 analogue 3600bps
3. Digital 9600bps
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