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LDG Electronics AT-200PC

Type: Automatic Antenna Tuner
Frequency Range: 1.8-54 MHz
Voltage: 11-16 VDC
Current Drain: Max 750 mA
Max feed through RF power: 5 to 250 watts SSB and CW. (100 watts on 6M)
Dimensions (W*H*D): Enclosure: 8.5 x 6.0 x 2.0 inches
Weight: 2 pound
Manufactured: USA, 200x-200x
Other: 16,000 3D memories for instantaneous band changing
Two position antenna switch with memories for four antennas on each position.
Will match 6-1000 ohms, 6 to 4000 ohms with optional 4:1 Balun (LDG RBA 4-1)
Price in 2007: $259
Related Documents: Manual (649 Kb)