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CB Slang ("13" Codes)

American "13" or "Insult" Codes (Not Widely Used)

"13" Codes Translation
13-1 You're An Idiot
13-2 I'm Ignoring You
13-3 You're Beautiful When You're Angry
13-4 Sorry
13-5 And You!
13-6 So I Made A Mistake
13-7 If You Can't Copy It Must Be Your Fault, Because I'm Running 3000 Watts
13-20 Is Your Mike Clicking, Or Are Your False Teeth Loose Again?
13-21 Are You Being Paid By The Word?
13-22 Is That Your Voice, Or Did You Install A Steam Whistle?
13-23 If You Had Spoken For Anothr 30 Seconds, You Would Have Qualified For A Broadcast Staion Licence
13-24 You make More Sense When Your Smashed
13-25 The Local Operators Have Had A Whip Round To Buy You Rig From You, Just Stick To Watching Crossroads
13-26 The Next Time You Eat Garlic, Speake Further From The Mike
13-40 Your Signal Sounds Great,
Now Switch Off Your Rig And Call Me On The Landline So I Can Find Out What You Want
13-41 Either My Rig Is Out Of Adjustment Or You're On Channel 53
13-42 Either My Speaker Cone Is Ripped Or You'd Better TRy Again When You're Sober
13-43 That Was A Beautiful 10. Now Try It With The Mike Connected
13-44 I Love The Way Your New Rig Sounds, Now I Know Why That Model Was Discontinued
13-45 Your Transmitter Must Have A Short Circuit Because There's Smoke Coming Fom My Loodspeaker
13-46 That's A New Antenna? I Could Get A better Signal From A Six Inch Piece Of String
13-47 What A Fantastic Signal.
Give Me A Few Minutes To Bring The Mobile Unit To Your Driveway So I Can Copy Your Message
13-50 Can You Slide That Thing Down 250 kHz
13-51 You've Tried The Upper Sideband, You've Tried The Lower Side You've Even Tried Both.
Now Go QRT So We Can Use The Central Slot
13-52 Best Thing About SSB Is That Now Your Only Half As Offensive As You Were On AM
13-53 Attention AM Stations On Central Slot,
Just because They Won't Talk To You On Your Own Channels, What Makes You Think We'll Listen To You On Here