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CB Slang (Commonly Used)

CB Slang Translation
A big 10-4 OK, over and out
Apple A CB addict
Back door Last rig in convoy
Ballet dancer A swaying antenna
Bear's den Police Station
Bear in the air Police Helicopter
Beast A CB rig
Beaver Female
Breaker On The side Cut into CB channel
Bug out Leaving a channel
Chopped top Short antenna
Chicken coop Weighing station
County mounty Local police
Cub scouts Sheriff's men
Double nickels 55 Mph (US national speed limit)
Drop the hammer Step down on the gas
Flappers Ears
Flip side Return trip
Four wheeler Motor car
Front door First rig in convoy
Good buddy Any other CB'er
Green stamps Toll road Fee
Local yokel Small town policeman
Negatory No
One eyed monster Television
Plain wrapper Unmarked Police Car
Play dead Stand by
Rocking Chair In the Middle of a Convoy
Rodger Dodger OK
Seat cover Female Passenger
Smokey Bear Police
Smokey Taking Pictures Policeman With Radar Gun
Tijuana Taxi Police car with Flashing Lights
XYL Wife (ex Young Lady)
YL Girl Friend (Young Lady)