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Commtron CXX (Rebadged as a NATO FM)

Type: Citizen Band Transceiver
Frequency Range: 26.965-27.405 / 27.415-27.855 / 27.60125-27.99125 MHz
Channels: 120
Modes: AM/FM
Power output: 4 W
Voltage: 13.8 VDC
Current Drain: RX: Max ? mA
TX: Max ? A
Dimensions (W*H*D): ? mm
Weight: ? Kg
Manufactured: Korea: 19xx-19xx
Other: The commtron CXX were bought into the isle of man
by a company that could 'legally' import illegal rigs in the 1980's
these rig although illegal covered the UK40 channels,
The said company managed to get them legal stamped and renamed them NATO,
as with NATO 2000 and also Stalker 9 versions, and some other rigs,
The company managed to get away with it as the Isle of Man did not have the same duty rules as the UK
so the illegal rig were'nt imported illegal, got stamped as legal and sold then legally in the UK..
They were rebadged as a NATO FM to make them look 'legal' in the 1980's
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