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G.E.C BRT-400

Type: HF Receiver
Frequency Range: 0.15-0.35 MHz
0.55-1.4 MHz
1.4-3.5 MHz
3.5-9.5 MHz
9.5-21 MHz
21-33 MHz
Modes: AM/CW
Memory Channels: N/A
Search Banks: N/A
Priority Channels: N/A
Scan Speed: N/A
Search Speed: N/A
Increment Steps: N/A
Scan Delay: N/A
Voltage: Mains: 95-130 / 195-250 VAC
Current Drain: Max 100 W
Aerial Input: 100 ohms balanced or unbalanced
Dimensions (W*H*D): 513 x 297 x 438 mm
Weight: 75 lbs
Manufactured: England: 1948-1965
Other: Table Version of BRT-402

Modified For Swedish Use As:
MT-600 (Army)
M/50 (Navy) and
MRM-8 (Air force)
Related Documents: Operating Handbook (8.3 MB)