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Alinco DJ-S45CQL/CQS

Type: License Free LPD/PMR446 Dual Band Transceiver
Frequency Range: 433.050-434.790 MHz (all 68 LPD channels)
446.00625-446.09375 MHz (All PMR-446 channels)
RF Power output: LPD: Max 10 mW
PMR446: Max 0.5 W
Voltage: 2.4-3 VDC (2*LR6/AA) or 3-6 VDC external
Current Drain: RX: 60 mA (stand by)
TX: 200-450 mA
Dimensions (W*H*D): 57*98*30 mm
Weight: 170 gr (with batteries and antenna)
Manufactured: 2006-200x
Other: 100 memories. CTCSS. Computer programmable.
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CQL = Long Antenna (LPD)
CQS = Short Antenna (PMR446)