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Can only be purchased for Government or for Export
Type: HF/VHF/UHF Receiver/Scanner
Frequency Range: 0.01-3300 MHz
Sensitivity: N/A
Selectivity: N/A
Image rejection: N/A
Voltage: 10.8-16 VDC
Current Drain: Max 2 A
Aerial Input: 50 ohms, N-type
Dimensions (W*H*D): 157*58*270 mm
Weight: 2.2 Kg
Manufactured: 2002-200x
Other: 1000 memories. 10 VFOs. 2*RS232 ports + control head port.
Ultra-stable reference frequency oscillator (0.1 ppm).
New price 2002 in the US: $3995.00
Related Documents: User Manual (1.07 MB)
Sales Leaflet (1.07 MB)

Front removed for fitting to remote head unit

Remote head unit

Remote head unit & Main Unit