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Latest Fairhaven News.

15/4/01 Instructions for Virtual Radio software, go to Downloads page.

15/4/01 RD500 remote control codes on Downloads page.

15/4/01 More Support for German customers - we now have a German speaking colleague.

7/5/01 New UK sales address, US sales address coming soon. page5

7/5/01 New beta release "Virtual Radio and Database" coming soon.

7/5/01 Compatibility problems with Windows 2000 and ME to be investigated. - Problems         resolved 12/6

8/5/01 Our main phone number was off on 3/5/01, to be reconnected on 11/5/01

2/6/01 Quick reference / tree diagram see Downloads Page.

12/6/01 New software version, now tested on Windows 98, Windows ME and 2000

12/6/01 New German web site www.fair-radio.de maintained by Gregor Behr.

12/6/01 Instructions for PC comm lead, go to Downloads page.

10/8/01 More software help information go to Downloads page or see Radio and Software Facilities.

16/8/01 New database on Downloads page go to Download Free Software  and scroll down to Example Database

16/8/01 Installation fix if you are having difficulty installing the Database and Virtual Radio.
16/12/01 The above installation fix is now not required and has been removed.

16/12/01 A few second - hand RD500's are available, please contact Fairhaven 01332 670707 page5

15/7/02 Mini RD500 compatible PC keyboards available again Price £39 inc shipping. Let us know if you had to purchase a
full size one recently - we will give you some discount if you wanted the small one.
Modifying your own keyboard? - Most modern keyboards use a current setting resistor around 47k or 51k Ohm - change to 56k.

14/9/02  Get the latest Database file on Download Free Software page. (Scroll down the page).

14/9/02  New File Converter - Fairhaven's database word processor.  Download Free Software page. (Scroll down the page).

19/9/02 "Moving records" paragraph changed in Instructions for Virtual Radio and Database  Downloads page.

21/09/02 Website improvements.

7/11/02 New Database version. Go to Software page.

21/06/04 New Visual Basic program for serial control. Go to Software page.




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