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Bring your scanning directories 
to life!
The RD500 is a complete receiving station
with sleek, robust styling and performance
- and only 8 inches wide! 
It's an HF Receiver with pass band shift,
notch and peak filter and noise blanker,
sync modes, CW and USB/LSB, and smooth  
5Hz tuning steps.       
It's a VHF/UHF Scanner with pause/hold/auto
-memory write, time clock, auto-tune AFC 
and many different scan modes. 
It has AM/NBFM/WBFM and FM stereo, 
TV sound and video output as standard.
It has 2 Megabytes of RAM, which can store 
information equivalent to several scanning 
directory books. Any word such as "Fire",
"Air", "Volmet", "Moscow", or even your
home town can be searched for.
No more thumbing through
 scanning directories!
It can hold 54,700 entries, 
each with 20 characters of text, mode,
frequency and receiver settings.
A 45 key TV-style remote is provided 
for text entry, 
or just plug a p.c. keyboard in the back.
It can link up to your personal computer,
 and we include a suite of software to import,
 process and edit most file formats
 to make it easy to gather information 
from document scanners, the Internet
 and other sources. An editable database
is loaded into the receiver at the factory. 
It has a built in digital sound recorder 
and editor so a news flash or rare DX 
can be recorded, or in contest working, 
important details need not be lost. 
It can also be a great help if you are 
learning Morse or a new language, 
and it can even record from another 
receiver. Up to 4 minutes of sound 
can be permanently stored!



Home Intro Specification Software Reviews Price News Help Links