Radio Shack (Realistic) Catalog (PRO) Model Number Information

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Making sense of the different Catalogue Model Numbers for regions outside the USA

The Model number Usually starts with the number "20-" Followed by three numbers for the USA & Canadian Market
However the European and Australian market have the same number, but has the number "9" inserted before the first of the three numbers following the hyphen

For example

UK:  20-9173 
USA:  20-173 
Canada:  20-173 
Europe:  20-9173 
Australia:  20-9173  

Sometimes the number can have an extra zero before the hyphen and another immediately after
For example

(20-173) can also be listed as (200-0173)

I hope that makes things a little bit easier to understand

Note: The Catalog Number displayed is the USA Catalog/Model Number.

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