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Fongyao PVRW-24C

Type: UHF video Receiver with MPEG4 recorder
Frequency Range: 2.4 GHz (4 channels)
Ch1: 2.414 GHz
Ch2: 2.432 GHz
Ch3: 2.450 GHz
Ch4: 2.468 GHz
Modes: FM-video (PAL/NTSC). Mono audio subcarrier
Sensitivity: -90 dBm
Selectivity: N/A
Voltage: 4.8-6 VDC (4*R6/AA) or 5 VDC external
Current Drain: Max 495 mA
Impedance: Built-in "rubber duck", 3 dBi
Dimensions (W*H*D): 91*143*30 mm
Weight: 264 gr (without batteries)
Manufactured: 200x-200x
Other: 2.5" color TFT. Built-in MPEG4 recorder with CF storage
Motion detection, manual or scheduled recording.
Line in/line out jacks.
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